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benedetta Bruzziches shoulder bag crossbody clutch small picnic in leather blue

Picnic Small Blue

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  • Measures: H 15 X D 8 X W 14 CM
  • High quality double colored printed calfskin
  • Brass accessories antique gold plated
  • Detachable leather pocket
  • Little comb inside
  • 100 % handmade in Italy

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Picnic crossbody bag is born in the Semplificata collection, wich is the result of a spiritual walking in the Ten comandaments. After this walking, that was one year long the collection was not the same. My Fantasy got shocked, my life too! Shapes became pure and details are strong and give the divine Touch. Picnic shape comes from the folder of a old binoculars, an instruments sould help you to get a deeper view of the things. The Picnic shoulder bag is totally handmade in all his parts!

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