Benedetta Bruzziches

Una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore
Amore,amore amore amore mio in braccio a te me scordo ogni dolore. Vojo restà co' te Sinno me moro

Carmen with hands. f. [Jewish, God’s Garden] 1. Born in ”The Art of Joy” collection, focused on eroticism beauty. Carmen with hand is the feeling of contact and the intimate relationship that a woman establishes with her purse. The hand that seals the bag closure is the culmination of dream and love that you can touch.

Carmen s. f. [Jewish, God’s Garden] 1. Born to be a friend and to give affection. Carmen has come in my fantasy in a delicate moment of my life, when after a love desease I wanted to create a bag able to be warm and sweet. Each capitonnè panel is handfolder from my Grandmother Gioia. She gave me the idea to make a beauty space inside, like in the bags of the fifties, when fashion was meaning of good education.

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Una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore

Those things never happened but are always

Benedetta Bruzziches Mission
Benedetta s. f. [the designer behind the bags]

...I am passionate about poetry, i like to go out with a book under my arm. I always think that if i had met Fellini i’m pretty sure i would be in his “Book of the dreams”.

I work a lot, love to laugh, search for mushrooms and listen to the voice of the lake.

I love dressing up elegantly, even just to go to the market, where i can smell whether the fruit is good or not. I love kissing and i love shy people. If you ask me which colour am i, i say primary red, if you ask me which colour are you, you bet i’ll guess it right.

believe in energy and fragrances, in wishes and possibilities. Luck doesn’t fit in my vocabolary; I believe in commitment and the future. I don’t like excuses. I don’t go to the gym but in the kitchen I’m quite the cook.

Travelling is my second husband, instinctive and adventurous and flamenco is the wind i really cannot miss. Nothing scares me besides fear, and a certain kind of ignorance. I believe in people, young or old, who work hard and dream harder too. If I had to be another I would be Monica Vitti or an elephant in love...

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