Altagamma is the foundation that seeks to bring together and represent all the Italian excellence. It is part of the great Italian giants in all fields of know-how. We could not believe but handed over to us prize for the category “new business in fashion”.

The Altagamma prize award dinner was in Palazzo Madama, an amazing villa in Roma. When I arrived I thought I would not meet anyone and I was really surprised to see that many people already knew me and called me by name.

The Altagamma prize award dinner was an absolutely amazing event: I had the opportunity to talk to the CEO and founders of many of the most important companies in Italy

Andrea Boccelli was the first to be named on the podium. His speech was sweet, her voice touched my heart like a caress. He dedicated his prize to his Father, and he talked about his family and how much his mother was worried about his future. A prize dedicated to the high range of values it has received from its parents. It was exciting to hear him talking and it was a great gift to know him.

Giorgetto Giugiaro in addition to being a great man is just frank and sympathetic! After hearing him and Andrea Boccelli I had the impression to have heard great men with an intact authenticity, because that’s what makes them great men! He was accompanied by her daughter, she was a kind and generous woman when I told her about my bag brand, she wanted immediately advise potential customers for my bags ! they made me feel good, even though I did not know them.

There were so many people I felt to recognize the profile, but whoever knows me knows I’m not a physiognomist. it’s better I thought! better not to be conditioned by the position of the person I have in front, so I had the opportunity to know many kind people before knowing their labels.

What is more beautiful than to find kindness and hospitality where you would not have expected it?

Along with us, other people won the Altagamma Foundation Foundation Award in every field of creativity! Delfina Delettrez for Jewelery, Valentina Moretti for Architecture, In the food category the “Historical Frantoio Muraglia”, Venissa for Hotellerie, lovethesign for Digital and Evo Yachts for Engines! Young faces to remember!