Ariel is one of the new born clutches of our collection.

One of the most precious bags we’ve ever made, The Ariel bag is a precious artwork that combines wise craftsmanship with the most modern 3D technologies.

The process to make one of these bags is crazy long: Nando, the old craftsman who makes the Ariel bag, begins choosing the top quality materials and starts creating a block of methacrylate, inlaying the different slices of color;

this is the finest passage on making that bag: to make a perfect clutch the inlay has to be perfect, no one air bubble can be catched into the glue between the different color slices.

Only Nando and few other artisans in Italy knows how to do it in the best way.

After creating the inlaid block, this has to be cutted and carved with a new generation 3D machinery.

Then the bag backs to Nando, he has a patented technique to hand polish the bags to give them the perfect light and the look of the glass.

Ariel is a limited edition clutch, you can buy it directly from our eshop or if sold out, email us to order the color that you love!

The inside is lined with a silk satin removable pochette, to protect all your secrets.

Each piece is numerated because every bag is unique, then we deliver these clutches in Plexiglass tees, like artworks.

You can put everything inside; I put the sky inside too!