The phone is ringing. I bet the destiny is calling me!

No is not the destiny, is Altaroma and it’s pretty much the same thing:

“Benedetta would you meet the artist Patrizio di Massimo to create something special?”

Yes i do.

The meeting is set up.

Few days later Patrizio is coming to my office-laboratory- shelter, is a young man with a delicate face, his gaze is deep, it seems that with his eyes i can senses also.

Just by his firm and gentle voice and the way he talks with his hands i’m sure our collaboration will be great!

Google confirms i’m not wrong: if you write his name on the Internet you will be catapulted into an ethereal world, you will fall in love with. You can also check it out here:

Day by day, step by step, as in the tango, the soft shapes of Carmen have been transformed under the delicate gaze of Massimo Patrizio and the result is an artwork!

Our Carmen with hand clutch was dressed with beautiful colored gloves.

A new shape was born: an hexagonal ceramic piece-of-art-bag.

It was the most interesting, deep and beautiful collaboration we’ve ever done.