Conversation with venus SS18

is about defining the shape of femininity through the object that more than other represent this relationship. I wanted to tell the story of that Venus that I like, because I want to know it better. So that the hands are helping me to dig dove alone with the thought I can not get because I am the body and the intelligence is not only just is also a matter of skin and movement and fatigue and waiting ..

Intimista FW 17/18

Alcova Rosa
It is a word of infinite grace: it indicates, a mountain, the discretion of separating, of protecting the most delicate intimacy through the frame of architectural and furnishing elements, gentle diaphragms, subtle and sensitive plutei ... When I think of what a purse of mine could represent in a woman's everyday life, this word comes to my mind.

The Big Wave SS17

Holding a Big Wave is a luxury that can be granted alone the Queen of the Sea I was talking to him a few months ago. And yet, how I'd like to have one in the closet! And since even the queen who is in me when she is in love with something knows how to make it happen, after countless trials and experiments and with the help of dear artisans, I managed to shape the perfect wave! It has the liquidity of the water and the transparency of the glass, it seems soft but you can hold it in your hand, it does not run away like water!

Semplificata FW 17/18

You know that I use my collections to metabolize what’s happening in my experience. After a walking in Ten comandaments my life took a new direction, and my fantasy with her. After that i discovered enlighted rooms of my being a woman, queen, wise, mother, amazon, prophetess, artist, able to love passionately… and the wish to make a collection of bag to enjoy the extraordinariety of the daily experience of a Queen and Savage. That’is what Semplificata mean to me and to you, my Dearest.

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