Ariel Magic Ariel Magic Ariel Magic Ariel Magic Ariel Magic Ariel Magic Ariel Magic Ariel Magic Ariel Magic

Ariel Magic

Ariel s.f. #clutchpoetry Homage to the Queen of the Sea. “It doesn't matter whose comb it is; what's important is leaving!” The breath of the ocean carved in a drop. It is a bubble of oxygen, one of those that arise from the depths of the sea to fluctuate in the ether. A little and elegant stratagem to bring the Queen that lives inside each woman back to the surface. In a perfect balance between poetry and mastery, highly-skilled craftsmanship and new technologies, Ariel is made by an army of Plexiglas masters and 3D nerds. The colors are inlaid one on top of the other and the gluing is so perfect that it almost seems impossible. After being polymerized, the block undergoes a 3D carving process and each section is polished until it becomes crystal clear. It takes a fruitful 33 hours of gestation to give birth to Ariel. The balancing stone in the latch is made of die-cast zamak and the internal purse of silk satin. Each Ariel is numbered and delivered in a precious Plexiglas case.

Ariel Rainbow (lilac/blue/green)
Ariel Glitter Gold
Ariel Saturn Pearl Mother Green
Ariel White-Smoke Mother Pearl
Ariel Iridiscent Mars
Ariel Yellow Rays
Ariel Green Fucsia
Ariel White-Green Mother Pearl
Ariel Peach-Turquoise
Ariel Iridiscent Venus

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