BB BIG - Elephant BB BIG - Elephant BB BIG - Elephant BB BIG - Elephant BB BIG - Elephant BB BIG - Elephant BB BIG - Elephant BB BIG - Elephant

BB BIG - Elephant

BB. s.f. #objectdheartwithart

Hommage alla grand actris. 

“Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it.” 

Every single thing is interconnected even if it does not know it. In this perspective, it makes sense that each and every creative intent is filtered by the veil of conscience because we can do a lot but only what is made with the heart finds a way in the heart of somebody else. Beyond the time of the seasons, everything has a reason for being, BB included. 

BB BIG handbag Has been handcrafted in our family Italian atelier, under supervision of leather master Paolo, from buttery tan leather and lined with the finest Alcantara.

The arty Methacrylate handle is thermoformed by hand by master Nando and then gold plated.

Attach the leather  strap on busier days to have a perfect shoulder bag


Benedetta design and her brother Agostino makes all the ideas come true, working by hand to craft prototypes of each design - she likes to stay in all the making process and spends mostly of the time experimenting mix between old and new techniques, and it's why the final pieces feel like objets d'art. 

BB BIG - Pony Jaguar
BB BIG - Pony Giraffa
BB BIG - Pony Lince
BB BIG - Sketched With a Brass Line on Milk

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