VENUS BELT - Hematite VENUS BELT - Hematite VENUS BELT - Hematite

VENUS BELT - Hematite

Venus belt s.f.

They said that Venus had a belt that could make any woman beautiful. A charm in which was all king of appeal. Zeus’ wife, the goddes Era, borrow it when she suspected that Zeus are falling in love with another woman.

This belt is a Venus Hommage, goddess of love and beauty.

How bold is a woman with a Venus belt?
Dedicated to those who love elegance and sensuality, it is handmade in Caprarola using an alluminium crystal mesh totally lined in silk satin.

You will receive it in its satin bag, inside its box, to be stored elegantly or given away

VENUS BELT - Jet Black
VENUS BELT - Montana

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